Friday, July 30, 2010


Most of you have heard of ROAD I.D.  If not, you know what 'dog tags' are.  I got my FIXX I.D. (ROAD ID's name for the dog tag type) last winter and consider it as essential as a spare tube when I am out on a ride.  When I ordered mine, I didn't order a silencer.  I found out that a friend of mine, Jeremy, didn't order a silencer either--we both wish we would have.  The silencer is a framing/little rubber edge that goes around the tag to keep it quiet when it is clanking on the chain.  

The other day I decided to order a silencer--to make it worth it, I ordered a few--one to give to Jeremy too.  I just received an email from ROAD ID thanking me for the order, but also offering a discount code to share with anyone I know.  They suggested I get it out there on twitter, facebook, myface, spacecase, whatever other info sharing sites there are.  Its not much of a discount--a dollar--but its something.  If you order a FIXX ID, the silencers are only a $1 so basically you get that free.  They also make bracelet ID's, ID's that fasten to your shoes, etc.  Click THIS and it should automatically give you the discount if you order.  Otherwise, plug this into the discount section of your shopping cart: ThanksMario816285

Ride On!

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