Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm That Guy

You know that guy that doesn't see the signs and does exactly what you're not supposed to do?  
  • Lights up next to a "no smoking" sign
  • Feeds the animals, despite the "Do not feed the animals" sign
  • Answers his cell phone even though the sign asked that you turn them off
Today, I was that guy.

So I go into the pool area at the DAHLC find out that the planets must be aligned because there isn't anyone in the lap pool.  I have to squint because of all days to forget my contacts, today was the day, nope... no one in the pool.  I don't even look at the fitness pool because I'm so psych'd that I get a lane all to myself.  (Usually though, within 15 minutes there so many people there that sharing a lane is inevitable.) Either way, I can start solo in calm, quiet water.  So I set my stuff down at the end of a lane, put on my goggles, hop in, and start a lap. About halfway down I see the pool cleaning machine in the middle of the pool and the hose stretched out to who knows where.  I immediately stop and hop out.  I quickly pick up my stuff and head to the exit.  I glance at the fitness pool and there's no one in that either.  If there were, that would have been odd because it was empty- TOTALLY EMPTY.  No water, even.  I then notice a couple of doors are open--maintenance doors.  It's obvious now--the pool is closed.  The pool cleaning guys didn't see me at all so I was able to sneak out without getting yelled at. On the entrance door to the pool, sure enough, there's a sign that says the pool is closed all week.  I guess I didn't see the signs--not a good day to forget my contacts.

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