Thursday, June 24, 2010


UPDATE: The results have been corrected and finalized - click THIS

Ok, so its been 4 days that I have had "coming soon" posted here.  I have been waiting for the correct results to come thru at, but they're still messed up.  I didn't want to put something here with a link, only to have said one thing with the 'official' results telling another.  But now I figure I should put something up... We'll start with the real TOP 10 in the Olympic distance Rochesterfest Triathlon:

NAME              SWIM   T1   BIKE  T2  RUN  FINAL

1. Alex Hooke     19:06 1:47  59:00  0:52  36:32 1:57:14

2. Devon Palmer  18:59 1:43   59:11 0:44  37:29 1:58:02

3. Mark Carey     19:50 1:25 1:00:36 0:46 37:51 2:00:25

4. Scott Penticoff  22:14 1:54 1:01:16 0:43 37:25 2:03:29

5. Ross Weinzierl  23:42 1:49 1:00:39 0:39 39:16 2:06:03

6. Scott Marsh      22:57 2:01 1:05:49 0:40 40:06 2:11:31

7. Joe Caturia       23:30 2:16 1:05:41 1:09 40:30 2:13:04

8. Mario Minelli    27:23 2:15 1:01:40 1:07 41:03 2:13:26

9. Jason Sinnwell   24:35 3:05 1:06:17 0:55 39:04 2:13:53

10.Luke Gruhlke   21:14 1:46 1:09:10 0:51 43:06 2:16:07

The main goal for me was to come in under the time I posted here last year, which was 2:19:05 and placed 20th overall.  Barring any issues I figured I should be able to do that as Rochesterfest 2009 was my first attempt at an Olympic length tri.  Secondary goal was to post a top 10 bike split.   I had a bad run last year and bonked, so riding harder this year could mean the trouble in the run, but I had to risk it.  My plan was to come of the bike and start the run slow then pick it up if I'm feeling good.

The SWIM: Messy start.  Instead of waiting for the bulk of the crowd to go, then drift in behind them, I threw myself into the chaos.  I was plowed, kicked, swam over, but probably did some of the same to others.  Its like total confusion all going the same direction.  This was a two lap swim--coming out of the water, running across the beach, then getting back in for lap two.  During the first lap, the excitement had me breathing a little hard, and I had to stop and tread a couple times to catch my breath.  After the first lap, the second one felt smooth and I calmed down a bit.
Swim time- 27:23 (over 1.5 minutes faster than '09)

T1 (where you Transition from the swim to the bike): The new Blue Seventy wetsuit makes for smoother transitions.  I had the top half down quick during the run up thru the beach and slipped it off pretty easily once I was my bike.
T1 time- 2:15 (18 seconds better than '09)

So far, so good...

The BIKE: I started a little slow, but picked it up after the main climb.  This is sort of a lollie-pop out-n-back. you go out about 11 miles, do a loop thru Oronoco, then back the same way.  Just short of entering the loop in Oronoco, I saw the first two guys (who started the race 6 minutes before me) coming out of the loop and back on the main route.  I did the math and figured I was not doing to bad.  They obviously gained some time due to the swim, but weren't that far up on me.  I hammered the rest of the way, but not quite at time-trial pace--I needed some juice if I wanted to better my run. As I entered Rochester, the ground was wet.  It sprinkled a little bit as the clouds overhead decided to cool things off.  As I was in the last mile I was still under 1 hour on the bike.  I knew I wouldn't get under an hour, but thought it was going to be close.  At the last corner, just a hundred yards or so from the transition area, people were yelling for us to slow down as there were several wipe-outs due to the wet ground.  It got a bit backed up and I had to weave a little, but got to T2 without incident.
Bike Time- 1:01:40 (in '09 it was 1:03:27)

T2 (Transition from bike to run): Nothing of interest to report.  I was in and out pretty quick.
T2 time- 1:07 (it was 1:06 in '09)

The RUN: I started out on the conservative side, not wanting to burn the last couple matches in my book.  My right shoe felt pretty odd--as if I was wearing a left shoe on my right foot.  A 1/2 mile in I couldn't take it anymore.  I stopped.  Yes, I did.  I pulled my shoe off--the insert/orthotic was a little crooked.  I straightned it out and got back in the race.  I watched for the people that passed my while I was fixing my shoe, then caught back up.  I got next to a guy that was moving pretty good and asked him what he thinks he'll run the 10k at.  He said "Under forty, trying for thirty nine [minutes]."  I figured if we were moving at a 6 to 6:15 pace, I am sticking with him.  However, I had GPS going on, so by mile two I checked it and found we just did the first two miles at about a 6:50 pace.  That ain't gonna cut it.  I increased my pace, leaving my running mate behind.  I ran solo until the last mile and a half.  Before that, one of the miles I clocked at 6:19 and felt like I could keep this going.  I gained on a young kid who looked familiar.  It was the same kid I met at about a mile to go in the run at Trinona the week before. I say 'kid' because his ankle had been marked with a "17" so technically, he was a kid. I got next to him, confirmed that he raced Trinona, and we chatted a bit about that.  Not paying attention, and not even thinking about it, I slowed to his pace.  If I caught him, I was moving faster, so I should have kept it up.  But I felt content with what we were doing and we ran until together until the last couple hundred yards.  He said he likes to 'kick it' in the last stretch so I said "See ya at the end."  He (Luke--see placing above) left in wave 2, I was in wave 3, so just getting even with him I was 3 minutes up.  Plus-- different age groups.  I didn't need to contest the finish line with him.  Later I learned that I should have ran past him where we met and kept my pace...(you'll see why below).  I finished the run and the race solid, not sprinting, but crossing the line at a steady clip.
Run time- 41:03 (run time in '09 was 42:04)

TOTAL TIME- 2:13:26 (Is that, if my math is correct, 5:39 better than 2009?!?!)
OVERALL Place: 8th with the 6th fastest bike split.

I knew who my competitors were in the 40-44 age-group, knew how they perform, and realistically, figured I'd place 4th in my AG.  Maybe 3rd, but probably 4th.  However, with a 2:13, I thought I had done better than expected.  When the results were posted I was 8th overall, and 4th in AG 40-44.  If you do the math, that means 4 of the top 8 were age 40-44.  Not bad for "older guys".   Now flashback to the run...  Had I only stayed on track, kept my pace I would have taken 3rd as my overall time was only 22 seconds short of the time that took 3rd in AG 40-44.  Could I have ran 11 seconds faster per mile for the last two miles instead of runing with Luke? Ahhh, YES!   Oh well.  A 6:37 pace for the run isn't bad; missing 3rd by a small margin is nothing to lose sleep over; I didn't have any major screw ups (well, the insert/shoe thing) so I can't really complain about a top 10 finish in a race in which a PRO took 2nd overall....  I feel good, didn't crash, and can race again.

Evetually the results will be corrected and can be found here: . Then scroll down for the Rochesterfest Triathlon.


Brian said...

Mario - For you have bike shoes already in pedals or do you put the bike shoes on and clippy-clop to the mount line? Just curious. I'm thinking of trying shoe-in-pedal-rubberband method again.

Mario said...

I step into my shoes while putting my helmet on, fasten helmet, bend down and close the velcro on both shoes at the same time (one closure on each shoe), then grab bike and go. You can run out of transition faster with shoes on (and won't get sand/pebbles on your feet). Then you can do a moving/flying cyclocross style mount once you get to the mount line, clip in and go. I don't care who you are or how good you get at it, its not faster with the shoes mounted to start the bike. It comes down to what you feel smoother at. T1 may be faster with the shoes on the bike, but I think the time you save there, you waste on the bike putting your feet in. Dismounting maybe be faster by leaving the shoes on the bike, but still, running barefoot could be slower and sand/pebbles stick to your feet, then in the running shoes, etc.