Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Med City Marathon, 1/2, and 5k

I totally forgot to write up a post-race recap.  Since the race was over a week ago and is old news, I'll keep just to the facts:
  • I switched from the 1/2 marathon to the 5k (3.1 miles)  because at that point I could only go about 5 miles without ITB flare up
  • Race started fast, I got in front with no one around
  • just before the 1 mile mark, I could hear footsteps.  Runner pulls next to me, it was Dan Feda. I knew he would keep going right past me.  He did just that.
  • Mile 1 = 5:29.  Fastest opening mile I've ever ran. I knew I would pay for that in about 8 more minutes.  I did.
  • I kept the gap that Dan had on me at about 100 yards for a little while, then I started to suffer--in the last 1/2 mile I slowed down quite a bit, and maybe Dan got faster. Either way, the gap got bigger.
  • Finished race in 2nd overall in 18:32 (a new PR for me for a stand-alone 5k)
  • Pace 5:58
  • Sad thing is, is that the 1/2 marathon winner paced at 5:36.  The marathon winner paced at 5:57. WTF (keeping it clean, that's "why the face")
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