Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Start of a New Period

Yesterday was the start of Base 2. Base training--the basics. Many people think this is the boring stuff, but its the stuff that ensures more fitness and the ability to do accomplish more during the challenging workouts yet to come. It helps to firmly construct the base to build on. Base 2 will add some challenging hill work to both running and biking. Base 1 had some gentle hills, but now its going to get a little tougher.

Here's Friel's take on Base 2:

Base 2 starts [about] 19 weeks before your A-priority race. There are two changes that occur now. The first is that you cut back on weight training, not only in terms of the number of days assigned to it each week but also the stress you apply with loads, sets and reps. Strength maintenance is now your goal. Functional strength training may continue as before.
The second change is that you introduce sport-specific muscular force training with hill work incorporated into steady, moderate effort bike and run workouts. For swimming paddles and drag devices will help to create more force. The intensity of these workouts stays below your lactate threshold and primarily in heart rate zone 3.
Aerobic endurance and speed skills workouts continue as before. The endurance sessions continue to get longer as the skills sessions continue as in base 1.

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