Thursday, February 11, 2010

Testing Coming Up

You ever have one of those non-eventful weeks with regards to training? Just the usual stuff, some good training sessions, some so-so, some skipped. That's about it since the last post.

Here's what is going to be happening...

This weekend some TriRochester members are planning to do a threshold test ride this Saturday at Xtreme Fitness in Kasson. Joe Moyer is going to lead the testing. If you choose, you can go thru the test, or you can ride at your own pace. The format for the test/threshold ride will follow the format of the most notible Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test made popular by Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen. Its intended that you are able to measure/monitor your power output and end up with power ranges to train within. However, I use a heart rate monitor and extract zones from my average HR that was sustained over the same period during the test that power output is measured and captured. This works well as it still provides structure to my training by providing upper and lower HR limits to train within. I have been training by HR zones for about 8 years now. I don't have a power tap and don't intend to get one any time soon, but if you seriously into racing and/or just want to train right, I would suggest that you first get an HR monitor and use that for a couple of seasons, do frequent testing to develop zones and see how that goes. Then add a power tap to your overall plan. By having both, you will be able to use your HR zones (which will match up pretty well with your power zones) when its not practical or possible to have your power system with you as you likely have other bikes and may train by way of indoor cycling classes, or other formats. Having and using your HR zones will work for those situations.

So, if you are a TriRochester member, or plan to join, come on out to Kasson this Saturday and go for a ride... CLICK HERE FOR INFO

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