Sunday, December 27, 2009

Slump & Look Ahead at Starting 2010 training

I'm in a big training slump--not to mention a blog-posting-slump too. I started off by taking it easy after my season ended following the Cannon-Wells Du. I was just takin it easy, training when ever, then my right hip started to hurt after a couple CX rides, which hasn't really gotten any better (the hip that is). Then around Friday Dec 18, I got hit with something bad--a really bad cold. Just before then I decided to lay off the running to let the hip heal so the illness forced me to take some time totally off. Now I am having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I've instructed cycling twice since then--that has been the extent of the training. My hip is still bothering me, so that combined with not really training, has put me in sort of a slump. What I think I have to do is really work on healing my hip and gradually get back into training.

Officially, my training for 2010 starts on Monday Jan 4. The first 6 weeks will be the Prep period then into the Base periods, Build, etc... During Prep, I am really going to work on swimming and strength training then I am planning a fairly balanced training plan with some long rides and runs on the weekends--longer than previous years as I am focusing on half IM, half marathon and a full marathon.

Currently, since I am off for a few extra days, I am re-doing our training room. I'll give you some before and after pix when its all done.