Monday, November 2, 2009

To Race or Not to Race?

I've figured out that I probably strained something in my hip while riding the CX bike and/or dismounting for run ups--since was two weeks ago was the first time I did any CX riding in 3 years. I didn't notice the pain till the next day after I did a 30-45 minute run. What's weird is that since then, what most likely hurt it, doesn't hurt it. I can run, go up steps, do things that you think would aggravate, it like do squats or step ups, but nothing bothers it. The higher my knee goes, the less its hurts. Walking...that was what has been bothering it. Maybe I should just run or bike everywhere :) I did some searching and finally found an article that sounds exactly like what I got goin' on.

So far, to try and remedy the problem I've just been training less and its been getting better. That only makes sense, right? I decided to not do any running, biking, or any strenuous exercise that involves my legs for a few days--that would be Sunday, today, and tomorrow--to see if I can get rid of it. However, I don't want it to go away solely because of inactivity, then have it come back once I start up again. I am going to start doing the exercises in the above linked article and see what happens. I have randomly been icing and taking NSAID's, but have now started doing both around the clock. We'll see how all of it works together. With that said, the answer to the post title is: TO RACE (unless the hip gets worse). The race this Sunday is in Northfield, but I'll only do it if they let me in the 'B' race. I don't feel like racing for 30 minutes in the C race. I might only last 30 minutes in the B race, but I want to enter it as its a 45 minuter. I emailed the guy that will most likely be the USCF official about doing the B race without a license, but he hasn't replied.

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