Monday, October 5, 2009

Training Summary

I keep a log every year of how much training I put in running, biking, swimming, and really never look back at it except to see how I did in the previous years races. From January 5, 2009 thru yesterday, October 4, 2009, I put in 293.5 hours of training. This includes EVERYTHING: riding in, outside, cycling classes (participating and instructing), etc; all running in and outside, jogging with the the baby jogger, jogging the dog, race time (warm-up, race, cool down, etc); all swimming, all weight training, etc..... Any time I spent working out is accounted for. Well, except running to catch the bus after work. That's 39 weeks making for an average of 7.5 hours per week. Of course, no one (well, I hope no one), trains evenly thru the year. Just as the intensity has to vary from day to day & week to week, so too do the hours that you train--they need to roll and flow up and down. Ideally, your lowest volume weeks should be R&R weeks as well as weeks that you have an "A" race (most important races). But life happens and sometimes you can't train for various reasons.

It was interesting looking back at the season and thought I'd share some things I found. I will expand this post later, but here are a few bits of info:

Highest Training volume week: 10.75 hours (Week of March 30 - April 5)
Longest Race: Rochesterfest Olympic Tri= 2:19:05 on June 28 (first Oly race)
Lowest Training volume week: 4.5 hours (Week of June 29 - July 5 which include a 5 mile race)
Longest Ride: 39.2 miles (1:58:18) on August 1st
Longest Run: 10.7 miles (September 7th)

More later....

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