Thursday, September 17, 2009


Peace Coffee Racing members finish IM WI.

Joe Moyer (pictured post race, right) finished in 10:29:27; 108th of 2,176; 19th of 260 in age-group M30-34. He was in the top 10 male finishers from MN. He knocked off around 56 minutes from his 2008 time. The winner of Joe's age-group, Joe Kurian, was 9th overall and was also the Amateur winner (first non-pro to cross the line so this AG was deep and competitive).

Bob Albright (left, heading to T1) finished in 11:38:22; he was 388th of 2,176; 72nd of 368 in age-group M40-44. This age-group was the largerst in the race. This was Bob's 4th straight finish at IM WI !

New PCR Veronica Bond finished in 12:58:03; she was 979th of 2,176; 42nd of 116 in age-group W35-39; This was her second finish of 3 entries for IM WI (a fellow participant crashed into her near T1 in 2007). She bettered her 2008 time this year by around 46 minutes!ALL RESULTS:

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