Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cannon Wells Duathlon Recap

I wasn't intending to peak for this race originally, but when the Treadman Du was canceled, and training was interupted due to a work-trip, I decided to peak for this race. Then the Treadman was brought back so I was able to train thru that and use it for a little end-of-the-season fitness boost. I think peaking for Cannon Wells worked out pretty well. Although I didn't win, I was 2nd overall. I left it all out there (what all I have is questionable) and that is the best I could have finished - unless the guy that won hadn't shown up. That would be Steve Sander--the 2009 TRI MN Series Champ. What I mean is that, for the training I put in (average of about 7 to 7.5 hours per week, all training combined) there's no way I could have matched his pace on the bike or final run. Here's how it went (thru my eyes):

RUN 1 (2 miles): I wasn't surprised at how fast it started, but I was surprised that I was in 4th after about 20 yards and stayed there for the opening run. Officially I was 3rd for individuals as the fastest run 1 time was by Steve Stenzel who decided to race on a relay team. I hit mile one at 5:55. I was going pretty hard, but not at my max pace as I didn't want to blow-up. The first three guys to T1 got there pretty much together at 11:15-11:24. I could see them enter, but I was back a bit.

Run 1 finished in 11:53 (5:57 pace).

T1: Entering T1 I had to deal with my only mistake of the day. Actually, the mistake took place prior to the start of the race as I forgot to take my cycling shoes out of trans pack. Luckily, I left it in front of my bike. The shoes were in the bag, in an interior separately zipped section, then fastened under elastic straps. It sounds like they were burried in a tomb, but I had two miles to think about how to get them out. All-in-all, I was about 15-20 seconds longer in T1 than the guys that got there first, but in the end it only hurt my time, not my placing.

In and out of T1 in :57 seconds.

Bike (14 miles): When I exited T1 and hopped on the bike, I started moving pretty quick. The routes starts out with about a half mile of paved bike trail. I passed the one guy after about a quarter mile. Then the course start to follow a lake side road, counter-clock-wise around Cannon Lake. It wasn't until about mile 6 that I caught 2 more--just as we hit the out-n-back section which turned right, going away from the lake. Then I thought: "I passed three guys so far, there were 3 in front of me entering T1--could I be in front? I knew that Steve Sander was wearing a white and blue with red uniform (Twin Cities Tri Club?), but I didn't pass those colors. Were he and I placed just right in the rollers that I couldn't see him? That had to be it. Sure enough, when I came over the last little hill, I could see a vehicle parked on the road with the lights flashing, a guy in the street, an orange cone....and a lone rider coming back at me. He had to be a quarter to half mile up on me. I hammered on. I got thru the out-n-back, was back to the lake, went right and continued on the counter-clock-wise loop. The last two miles of the bike section were back on paved bike trail. It wasn't the smoothest section and I got bucked up a few times because I was trying to keep the speed up at 24+ mph hoping to extend the gap on anyone in pursuit, but knew at that point that Sander was not slowing down, and he didn't get a flat so if I held on, I would take 2nd overall.

I completed the bike course in 35:03 (24 mph).

T2: Nothing spectacular here. In, out in 33 seconds.

Run 2 (3 miles): I had a rough start. I felt like I was barely moving, but wanted to start fast to get out of site of anyone behind me (out of sight, out of mind, right). I only consumed a few ounces of water throughout the bike course, but I have found that in a short race like this, unless its 100 degrees, it would be hard to dehydrate and gels and sports drinks weren't sitting well all season. I had plenty of electrolytes in me (Gatorade prior to race) so I would be fine. I hit the first mile at 6:09 which was a lot faster than I thought I was going. I looked back and could not see anyone--I guess I could see a 1/4 mile back or so. I hit mile 2 at 12:41 (so the second mile took 6:32). I looked back and could swear I saw someone gaining on me. I forced a little more turnover with the legs. Pain. About 1/2 mile to the finish there was a volunteer so I asked "Is there anyone behind me?" He said "Yes, but they're far back. They won't catch you." When I was about 100 yards from the finish I couldn't see anyone approaching so I eased up a little. The last mile took 6:23. I crossed the line second overall.

Run 2 took 19:04

Total time of 1:07:28. The winning time was 1:04:07.

Judging by my numbers (pace, mph, heart rate, etc) I know I put in a fairly solid effort.

  • Average HR for the whole race was 174. My threshold is 172 so being able to maintain higher than threshold for over an hour without bonking or having to slow down is a good thing (I think).
  • Max HR hit was 184.
  • Time spent above threshold or in zone 5 (173 or higher)= 52:51
  • Time spent in zone 4 (161 - 172)= 14:19
  • Time spent below zone 4 (160 or lower)= 18 seconds
  • Run 1 average HR= 176
  • Bike section average HR=173
  • Run 2 average HR= 174 (but last mile AHR was 175)

That concludes the 2009 duathlon/triathlon season for me. Well, unless Jace and I do a du as a relay team at the Osceola Duathlon.



Brian said...

Great effort! You left it all out there judging by Z4-5 percentages. That's all you can ask. And anytime you are running sub-6's in any portion of a tri or are smoking!

Steve Sander said...

Thanks and nice job yourself. I am seriously impressed that you can put out those numbers on only 7 hrs of training a week. It was good meeting you and look forward to seeing you at races in the future.