Monday, August 31, 2009

Slacking again

I know... I've been slacking off on the posts. Here's some info to recap the last few weeks...

I had to fly out to Orlando on Aug 16 for a work-related conference. The family came with so we could extend the trip into a mini vacation. I was in class Monday-Friday will 4-5pm. Evenings were open so we hung out by the pool and did some 'vacationy' stuff. We went to downtown Disney on Wednesday evening, Disney's Magic Kingdom on Thursday, and SeaWorld on Friday. SeaWorld was waaaaaay better than Disney. When you think of Disney with the parades and the characters walking around--that's Magic Kingdom. However, it was sort of little kiddish. Jace is 8 and not really into 'Disney type' characters. However, the other parks are a little mature to take Sofia. Plus, Space Mountain was closed so the main ride at Magic was not an option so that didn't help. Manta, a new ride at SeaWorld, was great. You hang horizontal to the ground under the track of the ride--as if stuck to the underbelly of a MantaRay. It pretty much puts you in time-trialing position. Thru the loops, corkscrews, and drops, I didn't feel dizzy at all. Overall, we had a pretty good trip. Supposedly, we were there in the 'offseason' because it's the hottest time of the year in that area. It was in the 90's everyday w/ high humidity, but compared to year past when I've been there for work, it seemed a little cooler this year--if you can use the word cooler to describe 90 degree temps.

I did very little exercise while in Orlando--so it was a rest week. Last week though I kicked it back into gear. We finished up the RASC TT Championships Series with the Hill TT on Tuesday so it was nice to wrap that up. I raced stock, but used the tri-bike for the Hill TT. It's a toss up as to what is faster as you can get to the hill quicker on a TT bike (3 miles), but a road bike will climb the hill faster--which is about .4 miles. Getting back on the tri-bike was tough. I haven't been on it since HOLT on July 19. I've been on the 2006 Salsa Campeon and did the long TT course rides in the stock division. Saturday a few of us met in Pine Island and pre-road/ran the Treadman course (3.3 run, 21.6 bike, 3.3 run). Some did the whole thing, some just the runs, some just the bike, different paces, etc. About 5 of us did the first run at a steady easy pace as a warm up (25 min), then we did our own thing on the bike. On the bike, I did 5 intervals at 5 min each with 2.5 min recovery in between. When done with that, I had about 6 miles to go so just rode it out fairly easy. The bike took 1:00:27. I did run 2 at what felt like race-pace, but ended up at a 6:34 pace. I would like that at 6:15 or so for the actual race--but that would also be after TTing the full course. I was supposed to do a ride yesterday, but was so spent from Saturday that I skipped it. I also have some allergy issue flaring up so I felt crappy yesterday.

That's it for now. The Treadman is shaping up to be pretty competitive with Jesse Nelson registered and Brent Sinn, defending champ, showing up. I'm shooting for the top of my AG as I can't keep a running pace with the previously mentioned guys. We'll see what happens.

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Brian said...

Good luck! I won't be there as I'd like to do the West River Triathlon in Dickinson (NoDak) on 9/12. No way my Achilles would allow me to do both. Talked to Bill Sunday and he said the Treadman now has something like 120 people signed up and he's excited.