Monday, August 10, 2009

Festival Run 10 & 5k (PR for Jace)

This is a tough 10k! (5 & 10k RESULTS) It was the second 'stand-alone' running race I've done this year--the other was a 5k in May. I don't know if there can be a tougher course unless it was done by design. Fairly flat for the first mile, then a false flat, some short descents, another false flat, the a long descent until we're next to the river in Mantorville. Next climb out of Mantorville up a nasty climb, then there's another really short nastier climb until we have a straight 2 miles of rollers on the Sunset Trail--each one going up higher than the last until we get the last 2/3 of a mile on flat ground. By that time, you're spent, but know that you are just about done.

I started out way to fast: 5:39 first mile. There were 3 ahead of me that probably hit mile 1 at 5:20 or so. The top two, the eventual winner being Tom Pesch--an XC team member at Notre Dame, disappeared out of my sight by mile 3. The course turned a bit, cut thru the some wooded areas (still on paved trail), but it was hard to keep track of them. When we got to the Sunset Trail and I could see #2 as he was in yellow, but had to be a 1/2 mile up. Number 3 was about a 1/4 mile up, and #4, who had caught me at about mile 2, was just up about 150 yards. I thought I could catch him, but ended up 11 seconds back by the time we finished. You can tell by my time per mile that not only did the course get harder, but I was running out of steam. These are by my own watch as the race was not chip timed so it could be off a second here and there:
Mile 1- 5:39
Mile 2- 6:01
Mile 3- 6:17
Mile 4- 6:20
Mile 5- 6:38
Mile 6- 6:51
Last .2- 1:39 (which went 2 city blocks, turned, then went 2.5 more blocks--that's .2 ???)
Total- 39:28 (6:21 pace)

Jace did the 5k which we drove the night before so he'd be vaguely familiar with it because every race we go to he always asks: "What if I don't know where to go?" I think that's just nerves because he knows there will be people out there at the corners. Anyway, there were a lot of corners and it seemed a bit confusing, but it was a pretty flat course and he ran it great! The 5k started 3 minutes after the 10k so I didn't get to see him start or finish, but he came in 21st of 110, 1st in age 12 and under (and Jace is 8). His time was 23:27 (7:31 pace). That's a 5k PR for the little guy!!
How many years will be before he is at 6:20 and I'm at 7:31 ?????

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Brian said...

Good stuff you two! 5:39 for the 1st mile!?!? Yeah, why is it that in race day conditions we find ourselves going 'easy' with the pack...look down at the watch at mile one and go "Holy Crap! What am I doing??"

I'd say it is duathlon relay time for you two!