Monday, July 6, 2009

Two PR's and an FR

Ok, I don't know there is any such thing as an 'FR', but on the 4th of July, the family went to Blooming Prairie for the Awesome Blossom 5 mile and 2 mile races. (We also have relatives there so we hung out till the fireworks were done.) It was Carin's (wife) First Race ever so I called it an FR. I run, but am not up on the lingo so if there is a catchy abbreviation for someones first run, please let me know.

Carin and Jace both did the two mile race which started after the 5 mile that I ran in. Carin did her FR in 19:24--good enough to place 3rd in AG 30-39. She was embarrassed to go accept the medal and joked that there were probably only 3 in her AG (there were 7 though). Great job honey!

Jace PR'd his 2 mile time by 33 seconds with a time of 14:41. He was 17th of 61 and 1st in age 9 & under. His previous 2 mile time was 15:14 at the Fetzer in Rochester back in April. He would have been 15th overall at this one as #15 and 16 have the same time at 14:41. He was trying to pass them in the last 50 feet, but they decided to join hands and celebrate their finish. The finish line was the entrance to the chute so it was only wide enough for two people side-by-side. He told me he thought of going under their hands, but didn't want to crash into them.

For the 5 miler, I was 6th overall (0f 60) and 1st in the 30-39 AG with a time of 30:32. I PR'd my 5 mile time by 3 seconds (only did one other 5 mile race--last year at this one). If I wasn't wearing an HRM/watch, I don't think I would have hit that time as in the last stretch I knew I had to go hard to get under 30:35 (2008 time). The 5 mile winner, Jonathan Roberts, did it in a smokin' 26:15! What the...

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