Friday, June 19, 2009

TNT Last Night

I finally went to a TNT (Thursday Night Triathlon) training session. They aren't races, but are set up as a tri would be so you get the feel of a race. The powers that be of TRI-Rochester have put together some mini-tri's that change format from week to week. The city has given permission to the tri club to swim just to the out side of the buoys so we can get in a swim, bike, and run session. They aren't races so you can go at any level you want. I needed to put in a race-paced effort so I treated it like a mini race. Last night was a short one.. 400 meter swim, 7.9 mile bike, 2.1 mile run. I can't hammer the swim because just swimming makes me feel like I am hammering. Here's how it went:

Swim- 9:07
T1- 3:07
Bike- 20:50 (22.75 mph)
T1- 48 sec
Run- 13:53 (6:32 pace)
TOTAL: 47:50

With no warm-up the swim felt harder than it needed to be. We did two laps of 200 meters. This was an approximate distance. It's a long way from the water to the bikes so tran should have been about 2 minutes if rushing. I took my time. Once on the bike I took about a mile before I started going at race pace. The course is a T shaped loop of 3.95 miles so the turn arounds take down your speed. Also, its constantly rolling. Once finished with two laps on the bike, I hit the run HARD! It was painful and I felt like I was moving at about a 6 minute pace. When I hit the turn around (1 mile) I lapped the HRM and was at 6:57. The route back took 6:56. NO WAY! My pace at the Pigman 2 weeks ago was 6:12--and that was a 5k after a .5k swim and a 25k bike. This has to be longer than a one mile out and back. After the training session, a guy with a Garmin HRM measured it at 2.12 so that's a little better. It was 85 degrees or so that that could have slow things down a bit.

After some chatting about training and other stuff with fellow TriRoch members, I decided to do one more lap on the bike and another run. Both at recovery level. I needed to put in a total of 1.25 hours so that did it.

And of course, what training session would be complete with out me forgetting something. Tonight, I forgot my towel (for transitions and afterwards) and my HRM transmitter belt--so I have not HRM data--just splits and total.

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