Monday, June 15, 2009

Soooo Many Races Over the Weekend

With around a half a dozen races to choose from over the weekend, which one did I do...? None. I wanted to do the Fairmont Sprint Triathlon. Coming in 2nd overall in that in 2008, I thought it would be challenging to give that a shot again. However, 2 hours of driving for a hour long race didn't seem like a logical choice. The in-laws have a cabin near there so we were in that area last year and it was convenient. This year it didn't workout to be there over this weekend so are going there next weekend. I thought about doing Trinona, but again, I want to do Rochesterfest as my first Oly, so doing a sprint didn't seem to do the job of the training I need this weekend. It just didn't workout to race. I am going to do an olympic distance tri for the first time at Rochesterfest so preparing for that was the first priority when it comes to training--considering I am on the edge of the training improvement window. Training Tip: Any training within about 10-14 days from a race will not improve fitness/endurance by then--only maintain what you've got (that's why you taper for 2-3 weeks prior to your 'A' race). Some skills can be improved upon, and fine tuning can be made, but looking at the big picture, if you ain't got the fitness a couple weeks out, you ain't gonna have it by race day. So, being that Saturday June 13 is about 15 days, I had to put in a decent brick and get one last blast of endurance training. Since 2008 was what I consider my first year of multisport racing (2008 Pigman was the first tri), I have been training specifically for the distance of the events that are upcoming as I just don't have the time to train anymore than what's necessary. That being said, the longest I've ridden this year has been just over 30 miles. The longest run, about 7 miles; swim = one mile. I've been training with the plan of doing the RochesterFest Oly race in less than 2.5 hours so what I did over the weekend was really the best thing considering that goal.

Looking over the race results from the weekend, with regards to the races I had in mind, had me kicking myself a bit. With most of the MN area talent crammed into the Liberty Half & Oly and the Manitou Sprint, the other races took a hit. Trinona...I'd say it was a bust. For the hype that race got, the director will be reassessing what weekend he chooses for next year. There was just too much to compete with. Mark Carey (TriRochester) who would do well at any venue regardless of the talent that shows up, was, for the most part, unchallenged at the Trinona Oly race. The Trinona Sprint was won by Rick Hoover (TriRochester). He is crazy fast when it comes to TT'ing, but says he can't run much because of ITB issues. It was all 40 year olds in the top 3 of the sprint. WOW! Shows you that age does not mean you have to go down hill--its how you treat yourself on the way up.

For the Fairmont races, the Oly went to 2008's 2nd placer and the Sprint went to 2008's 11th placer. He beat out his brother who was 3rd in 2008.

I guess I'm not really going to kick myself. It just wasn't in the plan this weekend. I am trying to peak for Rochesterfest so training, not racing, was more important when considering the overall plan.

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