Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok, I have delayed in writing my review of Full-Bar. Almost a couple months ago, I was talking about some new bars on the market and mentioned Full-Bar. I received a couple samples from them and, well, they're pretty good.

The idea is to eat a Full-Bar about 1/2 hour before a meal, wash it down with a glass of water, and you will eat less during your meal. From what I could tell, it works. First of all, the bars are pretty big. Visually, they are filling. However, when you hold it, it is really light weight. So you end up eating a lot of bar, but it doesn't leave you feeling weighed down and heavy. The bar is mainly made from puffed wheat--picture a nutrition bar made from Post Honey Crisp cereal. Its not made from that, however. The bars are pretty tasty, fairly nutritious, and have a good amount of fiber. We had soft shell burrito's for dinner the night I had the bar. (Pinto beans, salsa, lettuce, avocado, sour supreme, and Mission medium white, and whole grain tortilla's.) Normally, I have about 3 of those. That night, one. I started to feel full, but not sickly. Sort of like after you eat pasta and feel full--that feeling. My mouth still wanted the taste of another burrito, but I just had a mini burrito bowl after the one burrito. Then I was done.

I had the Cranberry and the Choco flavor. I have to say this too... Before I followed the directions on their eat-a-bar-before-you-eat-a-meal method, I had the choco flavor as a between meal snack (a few days earlier than my experient described above). I was really hungry after work, ate the bar, then we had a late dinner. The bar may not be intended for that, but it worked that way too. If I am hungry right when I get home I may have something like a bowl of cereal, some fruit, etc, but the Full-Bar did the trick in that way as well.

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