Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom was Right "7:01"

While I was up at the Falls Duathlon on Saturday, Carin took Jace to the RTC Spring Classic Kids Mile. There was a 15k and a 5k for the rest of the runner, but the kids race was an out-n-back 1 mile run. The race was timed, but not scored and no places were awarded. They anounced the times as the kids were crossing so you had to listen. Carin didn't see the clock when he crossed the line, and there was too much clapping the whole time kids were crossing so she couldn't make out the times. She said he was first across so she she stopped the watch where she thought the line was. Time- 7:01. Jace said it was 6:58 (of course). I know the race director so I shot her an email and this is what she said:

"Actually I can confirm 7:01 for you because we all stood around and marveled at how fast the first kid came in. If Jace took his time right when he entered the chute – which is where they started vs where the line was that the timer used to call out the times he probably was just a hair under 7 as he would have had a few steps left to go. He is an awesome runner and should be very very proud of his time and his first place finish – even if it was not recorded that way. "

Nice. I told Jace it was 7:01 and he said "Mom was right." Yep, until you're out on your own, mom is usually going to be right... :)


Brian said...

Start working the scholarship angle now. My neighbor just told me his kid is going to Penn...$55K a year. Ouch!

Love the new look!

Mario said...

It's crazyness. We don't want to push him... right out being interested in it. We'll see how it goes. There was something on the net that said an 8 year old ran a 4:47 mile. I can't believe that.