Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I saw the huge fold out add in the latest edition of INSIDE TRIATHLON for the new Forze bars and thought it was pretty impressive. But this seems to be one of the latest trends in dieting--nutritions weightloss bars like FullBar, Special K Protein bars, etc. I was going to look into trying Forze, but forgot about it until I was sent an email from an Endurox / Accelerade affiliate. Now I gotta try them. Dave Scott (several Ironman WC titles) is one of their sponsored athletes. Not that having a high profile athlete makes the product better, but if you look at his history, nutrition is a top priority. Right now, if you order thru my link below you get free shipping. Mine are on the way.

From the email:

Now available on your club site is NEW FORZE GPS. Forze GPS is the first and only nutrition tool formulated especially to help athletes reach and maintain their optimal performance weight. Forze GPS uses a patented blend of healthy fats, protein and calcium, plus added fiber to activate the body’s natural appetite control signal. Forze GPS is designed to be taken between meals, as a snack replacement and to leave you feeling satisfied longer. Forze GPS helps control your hunger so you achieve your performance goals.FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! Forze GPS currently is available in two great tasting bars, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cranberry Nut. It is also available in ready to drink Vanilla. Just click on the ACCELSPORT LINK BELOW to get right to you club site for ordering.


JMPR said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of them!

FullBar said...

Mario - I noticed you mentioned FullBar in your post. If you are interested in trying some samples to see what you think, email us at Thanks!

FullBar Team