Sunday, February 15, 2009

HOLY CRAP! It's Been Over a Month

I know, I know. My last post title was completely accurate. I don't know where time goes. I have been training though--even in the pool!

Training has been going pretty good. Did a FTHR with the Multisport group that I am training. My numbers came in a few beats less than usual, but it's early in the year. It was 172 v. 176 the last time I did the test last summer. I didn't take my own advice and do only recovery stuff for a couple days prior--I just trained as normal then decided I'd go thru with the test. This was few weeks ago. I decided to try to repeat it last Saturday, but that didn't work out to well.

I put in a run test yesterday and that worked pretty good. After warm-up, I ran 1 mile at 11 beats less than threshold, which is 161, and did the mile in 6:38. Hopefully that time comes down over the next couple months.

There is only one thing I am a little leary of when training this season.... Last August I overdid it in the Rochester Half Marathon and ended up with a straining right hamstring bicep tendon. I was told it could be slightly torn and offered an MRI, but that regardless, the treatment would not change. Declined the MRI. The whole area behind the knee and on the outside HURT BAD when I would run on it for longer than 10 minutes. Turned out al had ITB problems too. Anyway, I thought everything was fine after PT and specific exercises. I did a 5k race in late October and that went pretty good. However, I am still having some strange tightness/pains in the area of that right hammy tendon. I call them phantom pains cuz I am not sure they are really pains. I can push on and touch the area and nothing hurts. I can strength train, bike, run, swim, whatever, with no pain. It's just when I am sitting around, not working out, that I notice something just isn't right. I feel it at my desk, when driving, laying down, etc. When there is weight on it, its fine. I don't know what the problem is. Is it all in my head? Anybody, anybody....?

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Brian said...

I had the same 'phantom' prob with mu Achilles last season. It took rehab strengthening to get me thru it. Two things: 1) Check out my stretches (with photos) at 2) Now, don't laugh but order the DVD 'The Athlete's Guide to Yoga' from Amazon. I currently have a hammy issue as well and this DVD has been great.