Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, the election is over. Two years of campaigning by Barack Hussein Obama, and about 6 months worth for John Sidney McCain, and its done. Finally. I think all are relieved. This was the most interesting election ever! Not only did a multiracial man (Kenyan?) man win the nod for President of the USA, but never before has the opposition with a female on the ticket done so well. They actually had a shot. A true accomplishment for both parties anyway you slice it.

Hopefully, Pres Elect Obama will take us in a new direction, but I hope there are detours and compromises on the way to the goals. Actually, within the last two weeks he's changed his position on a few things--or at least revised them. He knew he'd win so had to start back pedaling a bit on some issues. One being: pulling out of the war--he knows it's not that simple. I think we'll still have troops there in four year. Maybe less, but there could be many more.

I hope he doesn't do every thing he says he will. The dems have full control so hopefully his party, who pulled out all the stops to get him elected, will realize they got what they wanted and now its time to reel him in a bit. No one studies history anymore, its barely studied in school, so we don't learn from mistakes we or others have made. The whole democratic party can't believe in all of his plans. Leaning left is one thing, but socialism is another. Socialism looks great on paper, but doesn't work. Lets not argue whether or not he's socialist. Actually, he used to consider himself Marxist, so calling him socialist is being a bit 'politically correct' and nice. Lets me honest, following thru with his promises of evening things out "...spread the wealth" as he put it, will not work. Also, there are a lot of people out there who heard his message and sadly misinterpreted it, thus voting for freebies. Check this one out: GAS AND MORTGAGE . As radically left and socialist as Obama is, I don't think he meant for this young lady to think her gas and mortgage will be paid for when he is prez. She says it, but did she really mean what she said at face value? Sadly, she may have.

We have a socialistic benefits plan in place already that's been working so-so for a while: Social Security. We know where that's going. De we really want health care socialized?

I am optimistic, however, after watching McCain's concession speech. WOW! I am not being one-sided here (because, frankly, McCain is not 'right' enough--he's a moderate at best), but his speech WILL go on the record as one of the most graceful and respectful speeches ever. For what that man has been through in life, to stand there and speak from his heart and soul the way he did was incredible. I was wondering halfway thru it, "Who is that?" Then I wondered "Where was he the last 6 months?" I think that was one of the problems. He was trying to be the front man of a campaign, doing and saying what his campaign committee wanted him to when he should have been himself.

I guess its true, ANYONE, ANYONE, ANYONE can become President of the USA. I believe, and I hope that most of us believe, that race and gender are moot points and no longer an issue. Sadly, the party who pretends to hold equality as one of their 'causes' hammered Palin--at the root of it, because she is a woman. Where were the women's right groups like NOW ? Oh, that's right, they are not about women's rights, but about a leftist agenda of partial birth abortion, and law suits against men who ask women for their phone numbers, and suing Hooters owners (I don't like their food cause it sucks and I won't go just for the lame outfits either). NOW will only support a woman that is from the left. In fact, they supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama until Barack beat Hillary, then NOW endorsed Obama. WTH? Fine, don't support a women, but at least stay neutral. Anyway, for the most part it doesn't matter, what's done is done. Elected was a man with no leadership to speak of. None. He has a big task in front of him and he'll either prove that a President doesn't have to have experience to run this great country or he'll show us that next time we need more than desire, passion, intellect, charisma, education, and charm to lead this country. Obama has all that and them some, but has never had to use it beyond a campaign.

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