Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rochester Half Marathon

Saturday, August 23, 2008-- It was the longest run I've ever done: 13.1 miles. Back in May I jogged 10.5, but since then I've been doing 6-7 miles once or twice a week along with shorter runs. I felt great the whole run--I could have been moving a little faster, but didn't want to bonk and had no idea what I would feel like at the half way point. It was an out and back so after the turnaround, I picked up the pace just a little bit. Starting mile 12 I kicked it down a little more but then I paid for it in the last 1,2 miles. I should have only turned it up a few seconds, but tried to test myself. Needless to say after it was over and I had a chance to sit down for a couple minutes, the legs got a little stiff and my right knee totally froze up. I'm ok now. After a little ice, some recovery massage cream, plenty of water, and a mile or two of walking, I can still tell I ran, but feel pretty good...

I finished in 1:26:41. That's a 6:38 pace. I'm plenty happy with that time. They have me at 1:26:31, but I had my HRM going from start to finish so even though the extra 10 seconds look better, I know what I ran. The winner in 1:11:16 (and course record holder with 1:08 and some change) was Pete Gilman. For complete results, click THIS.

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