Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rochester Fest Triathlon a SUCCESS!!

The Rochester Fest Triathlon took place Sunday, June 29 and it was a big success. Director Bill Nevala (www.winmultisportevents.com) was the director and had the race full, and then some, by the time the weekend of the race was upon him. I raced it and it was one of the best directed races I've ever been in. The volunteers were knowledgable and knew how to direct people. Even if it was obvious where to go or turn, they still pointed it out. Newbies need that, but so do experienced athletes when they are at their limit and only want to move fast and forward. There is also the occasional person that may have known where to go before the race, but now dehydrated or tired, the extra arrow or "Go this way" helps.

Click HERE for recent article in the Post-Bulletin.

Click HERE for Sprint distance results, and/or click HERE for Olympic distance results.

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Willam said...

Hi Mario, Thanks for the nice comments about our triathlon. We were so pleased with the turnout and how the event went. We are looking to get as many people into the multisport lifestyle as we can. Thanks for supporting WIN Multisports and our events.

Kona or Bust!

Bill Nevala