Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going to the WC DU

At this point I am planning on being in Rimini, Italy on September 23 to race in the age group World Championship Duathlon (WC Du). I am going to keep a better training journal here at my blog, formerly titled, but still located at http://supermariocycling.blogspot.com/. I am not quite sure how I am going to fund this trip because although qualifiers have to join Team USA in order to compete, there is no finacial support. This is an age group, or amateur, championship. Not the Olympics, not the professional World Championship. So far the Rochester Athletic Club has offered $100. Cory Mortensen, president of Ekho Heart Rate Monitors, has pledged support and plans on traveling with me to the event. I may try to raise funds thru other means and donate some of what is raised to youth sports programs. Not sure yet, but we'll see what develops.

Some of you may not think this is a big deal, but to me and others who don't get opportunities like this....it is big deal. This is truly my first year of solid multisport training, but I have been plugging away at racing since 1995. In some ways I think I was building towards this. Also, I think I am hanging up the bikes, when it comes to competing, at the close of this season so I want to make the most of it. Locally and regionally I think I can compete within my age group. Against the 'world' it may be a different story, but we'll see. I have two months to refine and dial in my training. This race comes at a perfect time for a second peak and its in a perfect place.

Please pass this blog on to others and spread the word of TEAM USA and the Duathlon World Championships. Also, if you know any businesses/companies that would like their name & logo on the TEAM USA uniform pass them on to me. I am going to put 4 company logo's on it so there is room for two more. More than that and it would look cluttered.

Heres the link to the race information: SHORT COURSE DUATHLON

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