Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Update

I have been without computer access for over a week--and loved it. The family went to 'the cabin' on Fox Lake in Sherburn, MN (just call it Fairmont). We did some fishing, the kids played in the water a bit, I brought the cross bike and rode around the lake (10-12 miles around?), went to an amusement park in Okaboji for the day, and just chilled out. While on the last day there I did a tri in Fairmont. In 2007 I watched the tri and decided I might have to try one some day. After doing that one yesterday, I have done 4 tri's to date. Below is a little recap of the last two tri's I did. They went well as I did not need to be rescued from the water by paramedics. I am still swimming slow, but making it back to the beach.
Manitou Tri in White Bear Lake, June 8 (.5 mi swim, 13.5 mi bike, 3.1 mi run): 6th in age group (of 32 participants), 70th overall (of 449 men, women, elites). My swim was 320th overall, 24th in age group, but in my age group I scored 1st on the bike and 2nd on the run.

Fairmont Sprint Tri , June 15 ( .45 mi swim, 12.5 mi bike, 3.1 mi run): 1st age group, 2nd overall. I got out of the water and was at 42nd overall. The bike section was an out and back so it was easy to tell what position I was in about half way thru. By the time I got to the turn around I had gained back quite a few spots. At the turn around there were about 10 still in front of me--we crossed each other on-coming as there was about a 3 mile stretch to the turning point. By the time I reached T2 I was in 3rd overall. The guy that was first in the swim was still first overall out on the run course. However, he was caught by 3 of us--thus proving once again, as tri writers and coaches always point out, that a tri is not won in the water. However, it can be lost in the water. I out paced the eventual winner on the bike by over 2 mph (just about 3 minutes) and in the run by a slighly faster pace. I was just about 4 minutes behind him in the swim. Swimming is getting better though.

Yesterday was week six in a row of racing. It was the 8th weekend race in the last 9 weeks. I am feeling it. This weekend I am NOT racing (well, maybe a 5k or something). Then the RochesterFest Tri on June 29th. Nothing planned after that for almost a month. Racing is great, but your body needs a break--as well as the mind.

Ok, this was just emailed to me this morning. It's totally recockulous--check out the overall for the Midwest Multisport Series:

Shut I am the only one in the top 10 that has done all four races so far. I am still living out my 15 minutes...

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