Thursday, May 1, 2008

Winter Be Gone! Duathlon

So I wake up Sunday, April 27, 2007, and feel pretty good. My resting HR isn't down in the fifties as I would like, but I think I will go to the race and see how it goes.

I get there, set up, then go for a little jog to see how I feel. Every feels ok, except when I look down at my HRM, I'm in the 150's. Usually I can job in the 130's. I have to think that some of that is the flu, but some of that is because it's 'race-day' and my HR is always a little high.

I get back from that long jog, about 8 minutes, and I am pretty wet. Didn't take much to work up a sweat. I proceed to the starting line and decide I'm going to race. If I can make it thru the run, I'll ride. If I can make it thru the ride, I'll run. At about 6am I took just 1 tylenol and a half dose of sudafed--well below the banned amount. The symptoms of the flu are being controlled and there has not been any chest congestion--and I can breathe just fine.

The run starts out and I feel good. I finished the run in the top three with two others at about 14 minutes (2.25 mile makes it around a 6:15 pace--not blazing, but not too slow). I head out on the bike and nearly blow up trying to get as big a lead as possible. I finish the bike, 13 miles, in 35:42 (21.8 av mph). It was a brutal little ride. Rolling hills, one decent climb and six corners on the way out, a cul-de-sac turnaround, and six corners on the way back. I head out on the final run of 2 miles. I get to the 1 mile mark, turn around and head back. About 1/3 mile back, the next guys and I are crossing paths. I knew I had about 2/3 mile lead and would have to cramp up in order to get caught. At that point I slow to a jog so I don't cramp up. I finish in a total time of 1:06:21. Here's the top 5 men:

1. Mario Minelli 1:06:21
2. Mederic Hall 1:10:42
3. Aaron Gill 1:10:52
4. Scott Myren 1:18:03
5. Dan Ryks 1:20:23
(click WBG DU for results)

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