Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jace's First Duathlon

Prior to the regular version of the Apple Duathlon, on Friday evening, May 23 they had the Apple Kid Duathlon. We didn't know this was going to happen, but when we picked Jace up from school and headed north to Sartell for the du, his teacher told us that it was the testing day for running the mile. Jace has the fastest 1st grade time as he ran an 8:08--that morning! 8:08 in the mile...?!? There's adults that can't do that. His legs would be tired for a race just hours later, but things like that don't even phase a kid. Anyway, the duathlon distance for 7-10 year olds is 1/4 mi run + 3.5 mi bike + 1/4 mi run. Jace was in the first wave--7-8 year olds. Although Jace is 7, he races as a 8 year old because this is a USAT sanctioned race so ones racing age is what they will be on the last day of the year. Jace loves to run, but I suggested to him that he does blow all his energy during the open run so he can save some for the bike and the final run. Of course, he says "I know, I know. I will..." He actually did hold back. Since its hard for adults to pace themselves and watch other pass them--it must be really hard for a kid! The gun goes off and their little legs start pounding the pavement. Jace completed the first run in 1:39 putting him in 6th. By the time he got out of T1 (transition from run to bike) he was about 10-12 riders back. We watched them spin away--Jace got out of the saddle, as he loves to do, and started breezing passed other kids. About 10 minutes later the first 8 yo rounds the last corner on the bike and is headed into T2. About 2 minutes later three other kids round the corner--Jace is one of them. They enter T2, rack the bikes and head out for the last run. All three are together, but then they spread out a bit. They are huffing and puffing, their legs stomping away. Jace is about 10 seconds behind one boy, putting Jace in 3rd overall. He starts to gain a little ground toward 2nd, but on the finishing stretch there were hundreds of parents and kids screaming and cheering so that gave all the completitors a little more incentive to go faster. Jace crossed the line 3rd overall for 8 year olds. He had the 2nd fastest bike time of the 8 yo's. Among all 7-10 year olds (64 of them) he finished 14th overall! Carin and I were so proud we had to hold back tears.

Apple Kid Results

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