Thursday, May 22, 2008

GearWest Du

Well, the first race in the Midwest Multisport Series came and went--the GearWest Duathlon. I plan on racing 5 events in the series- two du's and three tri's. My season goal, first season dedicated to tri/duathlon, is to place top 5 in my age group in the year end series standings. It's a big goal, but without goals, it's hard to know what you are trying to accomplish. I started out pretty well with a 1st place age group finish at GW. We started in waves so to know where you are with regard to your place is pretty tough while out on the course. However, if you keep your eye on the people in your wave, which is by age group for the most part, you can have an idea. That doesn't rule out competitors in your age group that chose to start in the 'competitive wave.' Anyway, the race started with a 3.1 mile XC run. The first half mile was on pavement then it went off-road. I led out the run until we hit the trail. I thought I may be going to fast, but when 4 guys passed me I felt a little better about my pace. If I am in front, I'm probably over-working. It was nice to run on trail and in the woods, but it made 3 miles feel like 10.

T1- I flubbed it. Everything was going smooth. I got to my bike, changed shoes, helmet on, bike off the rack. Just before exiting T1, I realize I forgot my gels. With only water on board the bike I needed some cals if I wanted to have a strong 17 mile bike and a solid final run. I put the bike down, ran back to grab the gels, get back to my bike only to see it surrounded in a pool of water--water that dumped out of my aero-drink. It was about half full now, but I had to make it work. T1 took me an embarrassing 1:41. I figure it would have been right around :55 to 1 minute if not for the gel debackle. At about 20 minutes into the bike, I recognized the guy that most likely took the first run. I passed him pretty easily, but then thought "If he's moving this slow, where are the other 4 guys that passed me in the opening run?" I pedaled on. I had a pretty decent ride at 23.7 mph to have the 19th fastest bike split.
T2- it went well and I hit the trail for run 2 which run started at the trail, thus cutting out a half mile of pavement. However, it didn't feel any shorter.
In the end I finished 35th overall, and 1st in my age group (35-39)--this was after they pulled out elite John Shelp who finish 2nd overall.
Split Times: Run 1- 20:46, T1- 1:41, Bike- 43:05, T2- :48, Run 2- 19:21- TOTAL- 1:25:38.
Two other Peace Coffee Racing teammates rocked the course as well. Ann Moyer had the 17th fastest bike split for the ladies at 19.9 mph. She finished 4th in her age group. Joe Moyer finished 39th overall, 11th fastest bike split of the day with an average mph of 24.0. He placed
9th in his age bracket.

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