Wednesday, November 7, 2007

USAT License

Got it. Yep, I bought the annual USAT license. It's good thru November 30, 2008. You can get the bronze license ($39) which has the basic perks--results tracking, newsletter, etc. The silver ($100) which gets you all the perks of the bronze plus a Rudy Project helmet or Timbuk II messenger bag. Not a bad deal actually. I was considering it, but they were out of the helmets and bags so they offer the gold license for $200--go figure. What's weird is that the gold gets you all the perks of the silver, plus a little more--how can they give you the helmet with the gold, but not the silver...? Last time I looked, the helmets were the same. The gold description says it is a limited edition. Oooo, ahhh...

Don't think I'm going to get the annual USCF license this year because I may not race road enough. Maybe not at all in 2008.

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