Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three PCR's Take on the APPLE DUATHLON

We had 3 PCR's hit the Apple Duathlon. It was a 5k run, 33k bike, 5k run. This was a tough race with a good size field and many top tri-/duathletes in the country......world? Yes, I believe the women's field had a 2006 World Champ (was she an age group or elite champ? Not sure, but I heard them announce it). With a pay out of $4000 being divied out to the top 5 men and top 5 women, why not show up? However, the big winner this weekend was Ann (ok, and Joe) Moyer of Peace Coffee. The grand prize drawing was a Quintana Roo Lucero carbon frame set and Ann's lucky number was rolled. Our results weren't too bad- mens field had 188 finishers, womens had 67 finisher--several teams added to the constant stream of finishers:

Mario Minelli- 29th overall, 26th Male, 5th age grp: - R1= 19:31, bike= 53:50, R2= 21:02, TOTAL TIME 1:36:17

Joe Moyer- 42nd overall, 39th male, 10th age grp: Joe Moyer- R1=21:52, bike= 52:38, R2= 22:24, TOTAL TIME 1:38:22

Ann Moyer- 97th overall, 18th female, 5th age grp: R1=21:40, bike= 1:00:44, R2= 23:06, TOTAL TIME 1:47:50

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