Friday, May 18, 2007

Results: RASC Roadies VS. TriGeeks Smackdown! Challenge

Mark Carey, head honcho of the newly formed TriRochester, a spin-off group of VeloRochester sponsored by Rochester Cycling & Fitness, organized the 1st annual RASC Roadies vs. Triathletes Smackdown! Challenge. The top 5 road times were added together, and the top 5 TriGeek times were added together. The lowest time overall wins the Smackdown! Challenge. A total of 30 riders turned out for the this event to battle the fairly tough 14 mile course that hits you with crosswinds off the farmlands and several rollers. Of the thirty riders representing a handful of MN cycling teams/clubs, 16 declared themselves TriAthletes, 14 Roadies. I am happy to report that the roadies times came in 2 minutes 50 seconds faster than the TriGeeks. All riders were allowed to use TT bikes or any aero modifications they wanted to fashion. The only aero mod I have are some clip on mini bars. I think they helped as I shaved a 1:31 off my best time on that course (2006).

Top 10 Road:
Name Time MPH Club
Mark Consugar 32:16 26.03 VeloRochester
David Herbert 33:31 25.06 Hollywood
Chris Flood 34:15 24.53 Hollywood
Jim Palmer 34:17 24.50 VeloRochester
Charly Tri 34:26 24.39 VeloRochester
Bill Maurice 34:37 24.27 Flanders
Mario Minelli 34:49 24.13 Peace Coffee
Matt Hawkins 35:11 23.87 VeloRochester
Jim Thorton 36:54 22.76
Bruce Svingen 38:21 21.90

Top 10 TriAthletes:
Name Time MPH Club
Jason Novak 32:34 25.79 TriRochester
Mark Carey 33:45 24.89 TriRochester
Peter Maves 34:30 24.35 TriRochester
Chris Koch 34:40 24.23 TriRochester
Bob Alright 36:09 23.27 Peace Coffee/TriRochester
Jim Hannon 36:23 23.09
Travis Smith 36:52 22.78
Jon Clough 37:29 22.41
James Rosane 37:53 22.17
Luke Digman 38:11 22.00 TriRochester

For complete results of all riders, go to:

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