Monday, May 14, 2007

My Second Duathlon: The Oakdale Spring Classic

Saturday, May 12, was the Oakdale Spring Classic Duathlon. This was a pretty big event in its 6th year. They announced that they normally get 160-200 participants., but this years edition brought over 400! This was a well run even got a free t-shirt with hotdogs & trail mix post-race.

I don't usually race du's or tri's, but after the Treadman Du last September I thought I would try another one--and there aren't many around so I figured I should do an early one. Also, this would get me out running earlier in the year. I ran, not much, but I did a little running each week starting in March and finally started some sprinting and higher paced running a couple of weeks ago. It paid off pretty well. I took 2nd in my age group, 18th overall (376 solo finishers including elites) and 11th of all males, non-elite. What sucked were my transitions. Had I tied my shoes/helmet on, helmet off 6 seconds faster on each transition, I would have won my age group. Yep, I was 11 seconds back. The most fun was, of course, the bike portion of the race. During the first run I felt pretty good, but still figured I was about 30 or so places back from the leader (turns out I was 38 back). Once I got on the bike I started passing others. By the end of the 13 mile bike section I caught 23 riders, give or take a few. My bike time ranked 7th. Second run section was painful right from the start. I managed to run 6.5 minute miles which was only a 9 seconds slower than the pace of the first run. I think 5 guys caught me during the second run--one of which being the guy that got 1st (age 35-39). That sucks.

There are quite a few Peace Coffee Racers (PCR's) that are triathletes, but only one other PCR showed up for this event. Darcy Franklin lit it up and hammered the other gals. Darcy took first overall among females and 28th of all solo competitors.

Well, on to the LSCC Cycling Series in Duluth over Memorial Weekend or the Apple Du...

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