Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The MNSCS Kicks Off w/ 28 PCR's Competing

The MN State Championship Series-Mtn Bike (http://www.mnscs.com/) kicked off on Sunday May 20th at the Erik's Spring Cup in Inver Grove Heights, MN with Peace Coffee turning out a huge showing. We had 28 entries, if my count is correct, along with 1 guy who snuck into the sport field with a helmet cam, plus new recruits I don't know the names of. When I first started riding around the park, I thought "This is a desperite attempt at having a race course." The parking lot was at Salem Hills Elementary and the course started in what looked like the area where kids have recess. Seriously. With yellow caution tape carving a course on a small open field, it led you out to a city park where you cut across the outfield of a baseball diamond, crossed a street and went around a tennis court, then made your way down a black topped trail to the actual single-track. THEN IT BECAME A GREAT COURSE! It was a single-trackers paradise for an opening race where flat landers dreams were answered. I wasn't there to race that day as I wanted to just show some support for the team and share my son's first race experience with him. I strapped a helmet cam on and followed him on his first XC race. He's done the kiddy races before, but this was his first time racing off-road on a real course. After that, I set up the cam and placed myself in the back of the first wave of the sport field. This was a lot of fun as I have been racing Comp since 2002--the atmosphere, attitude, and just the whole sense of racing has a different feel in the sport class. I haven't been able to load this race yet to make it viewable, but will try to figure it out. Anyway, here is how PCR did:

CITIZEN CLASS (Entire class entries: 50+ males, 15+ females)
Female 19-29 (3 finishers)
-1st Kristy Lavigne, 2nd female overall
Male Age 16-18 (7 finishers)
-3rd Colin Fields, 21st male
-4th Cole Fahrencamm, 23rd male

SPORT CLASS (Entire class entries: 148+ males, 13+ females)
Male Age 16-18 (6 finishers)
-5th Jim Ward, 114th of 148+ males

Male Age 30-39 (52 finishers—the largest Sport field)
-4th Jamison Beisswenger, 5th of all males (remember, 148+ !)
-11th Tom McDonald, 15th of all males
-15th Ton Tran, 22nd of all males
-38th Chad Robida, 90th of all males
-41st Frank Ward, 108th of all males

Single Speed (15 finishers)
-8th Adam Colwell, 78th of all males
-9th Gary Underdahl, 86th of all males
-14th Cory Mortensen, 138th of all males

Clydesdale (13 finishers)
9th Gary Smith, 126th of 148+ males

Female Age 19-34 (7 finishers)
-2nd Jennifer Grant, 3rd of 14 females

Female Age 35+ (5 finishers)
-5th Julie Ward, 12th of 14 females

COMP CLASS (Male only, 63+ entries)
Age 12-18 (2 finishers)
-1st Mike McBurney, 20th overall

Age 19-29 (12 finishers)
-9th Matt Kohner, 50th overall

Age 30-39 (28 finishers)
-11th Andy Sieben, 19th overall
-18th Matt Nelson, 37th overall
-22nd Troy Melhuis, 41st overall
-26th Kevin Flanders, 51st overall

Age 40-49 (19 finishers)
-5th Matt Dowling, 10th overall
-17th Joel Nichols, 59th overall
-18th Tom McBurney, 60th overall
DNF Joe Pedersen

EXPERT CLASS (36 males, 10 females)
Female age 30+ (7 finishers)
-2nd Jackie Carlson, 4th of 10 females

Male 19-34 (24 finishers)
-16th Charlie Simacek, 19th of 36 males

KIDS COMP (ages 12 and under, 16 entries)
Age 8 & under
-4th Jace Minelli, 14th of 16

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