Monday, April 2, 2007

Oxbow Pre-Ride

It was just PCR's Timm J, Joe M, and myself that braved the brutal conditions yesterday (Sunday, April 1) to ride the Oxbow course. We took off at about 1:20 or so with the intentions of doing 2 laps. We got to the top of the Oxenberg about 10-12 minutes in and saw VeloRochester guys, Dave Hallaway and Alan Jackson (not the country singer), at the top as they put in two laps. We chatted quickly and moved on. The conditions were fairly decent for a gravel ride--for about 30 min. It was about 50 degrees, light wind, some soggy/puddled sections, and a little drip here and there. Then the conditions changed from ok to crappy. We finished one lap and decided to call it a day. However, we decided to suffer up Oxenberg climb one more time just to see how it hurt the second time. After we got to the top, we turned around headed back to the lot. My lowest gear is a 39 front, 26 rear and let me tell you, that climb hurts! Just to keep the pedals moving I have to get out of the saddle about half way up and pound it. Oxenberg is the fiercest climb on the course, but its short and sheltered from the wind. There are several other climbs out there that are open to the wind that are longer and will put the hurt on, but not quite as bad at Oxenberg. Hope to see you out there for the suffer-fest on April 14.

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