Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Couple Laps At Oxbow

I decided that riding the Oxbow course one more time before the race had to happen yesterday at the latest. The weather is going to go down hill the rest of the week and I don't think I need to put in any real distance this close to the race anyway. I realize that I am not going to get any more 'fit' by race day, but wanted to put in a couple of laps at a z2 (mostly) pace to try an maintain my endurance base for future races and to memorize the course a little more--I like to know the sections as it makes the laps go by a little faster.

I started at the lot where the race starts, did the rollout (to the intersection at 103) then did two laps. When back at the intersection where 103 "T's" I went left and headed back to the lot. I only did the "Oxenberg" twice. I thought about doing it a third time, but figured I would save that one for race day considering its going to be 4 times up that beast. The first time up the hill yesterday I managed to not exceed z3 by zig-zagging all the way up. My lowest gear is a 39 x 26 so that was still a little challenging. The zig-zag worked ok, but slow. From the very bottom it was 2.5 minutes to the top there you can still see the faint finish line from last year. The second time up, I started to zig zag, but a truck was coming behind me towing a car up the hill. I had to straighten out and go along the side so that bumped my HR up. I think the truck was working harder than I was though. I am pretty confident that 3 laps is going to be tough, but do-able. At race-pace in bad weather its going to be all that much harder though. The main issue I am concerned with is that this is more of a road race than a mountain bike race, but with the primes it starts out fast like a mountain bike race. Its the start that is going to be the biggest challenge--after that I hope the pace slows a little.

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