Monday, April 23, 2007



Congrats to Dan Berhow of Peace Coffee for taking the win in the Cat 5/Cit race! Over the last climb in the 2nd of two laps, Dan (PCR) and Nick Vetter (unattached; no relation to Eddy as far as I know) had a small gap on the field. They worked together and held off the chase then agreed to go head-2-head in the sprint zone. Dan says he got the guy at the line by a foot or two! Nice.

For the Cat 3/4 race, Tedd Jacobson (Peace Coffee) was in a 3 man break while going over the last big climb in the 1st of 4 laps. A few miles later, a chase group of about 8 riders people went off. I was in it for a short period thinking if I got to the lead group we'd have two up there. The pace was fast, but not fast enough to catch the leaders, so I thought, so me and a few others dropped back to the peloton. When Tedd and the other two saw the remaining 4 in the chase, they (Tedds lead group) sat up and allowed the catch to happen (Why you ask? More riders to share the work load). With the lead group now 7 strong, the job for Joe and I in the peloton was to control the pace and make sure Tedd's group remained out in front. We didn't have to control anything though... all we had to do was not partake in any chases (or mess them up) and that would be control enough. Birchwood had about 6 in the peloton and 1 or 2 in the lead group with Tedd so between Birchwood and Peace Coffee we were looking good. The lead group eventually lost 3 riders and was down to four. The lead group in the sprint ended up a 4-some with Tedd taking 4th. From what I understand it was close. Back in the peloton, Joe was looking strong on the last climbs-- I suggested he save his energy for the sprint and told him I will probably not be there as my right quad felt like I had a knife twisting in it. Our group was only about 15-20 riders. 5 or 6 of us did not maintain pace over the final climb. Joe remained in the group as they headed to the sprint zone. Joe finished 13th overall; I placed 18th overall which I think is the same placing as last year in this field... hmmm....

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