Friday, March 2, 2007

Super 600 Sandwich (samich)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Great Harvest Bread. I eat it almost every day. My wife thinks I buy too much of it, but that's just crazy talk. Not that she's crazy, well she married me, so you decide. Anyway, this is a sandwich I concocted as a quick pre-ride meal (or for anytime you want a high-energy samich. There are some quick burning and some long lasting calories that will keep your legs turning.

2 slices Great Harvest Bread (pref. Energy Bread, or use Honey Whl Wht, or Dakota)
1 medium banana
2 tbsp peanut butter (pref. any natural or Smart Balance PB)
1 tbsp honey

Spread 1 tbsp of PB on each slice of bread, drizzle the honey over the PB, slice the nana the long way (it stays in better) and lay across a slice of bread, fold up and devour. You may have some nana left so eat that too. Try to eat this at least 1 hour before riding. Longer if your work out is going to be a high-intensity session. This samich has over 600 cals--hence the name.

Calorie breakdown:
- Dakota Bread: 260 cals (130 per slice)
- PB: 190 cals (about 95 per tbsp)
- Honey: 60 cals (per tbsp)
- banana: 100 cals (100-105 per med banana)
TOTAL FUEL= 610+ calories
(little less cals with the Honey Whl Wht; about the same with the Energy Bread, but you might not get that at all GH's)

If you live in the Roch area, GH is on the NE corner of N.Broadway and 7th St. Tell Dan or Bridget I said "Hello." If you live in the Cities, you must go to the Woodbury location as they support Peace Coffee Racing...tell them that's one of the reasons you're there.

Ride On!

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