Monday, March 12, 2007

Rest & Recovery Weeks are for just that

By that I mean an R&R shouldn't be used to take time completely off of all training (unless coincidentally injured to that degree), but also you shouldn't over do it by trying to accomplish too many things, or take for granted the 'free' time as I did.

I ended a training period on March 4. I put in the hours I had scheduled and was satisfied with the training I had accomplished and was looking forward to a R&R week. However, during that last week of training there was a lot of shoveling of the white stuff. By the end of the weekend (March 3 & 4) I was beat. Knowing that I had a rest week starting the following day I thought I will recover just fine--I awoke Monday (March 5) with a nasty sore/swollen throat! Not to worry, if I was to get sick, this would be good timing--if there is such a thing for being sick. I took it easy, but still tried to stay on track with the training--afterall, it was an R&R week so training was greatly reduced. The sore throat was gone in just a couple days. The problem is, is that since I shed the sore throat and didn't have to get up early to train most mornings that week, I was not taking advantage of the extra time I could be resting. Instead, I took it for granted without really realizing it until the weekend then losing that hour over the weekend due to Daylight Saving didn't help. On Saturday did threshold test. I started fine, but fizzled a little--couple that with BAD timing for the HRM battery to bail on me. I don't know the true results of the test, but was a couple beats within the last test in January. On a positive note, my resting HR has not fluctuated to the point of concern--still about 49 bpm. Now I start a new period of training. I am going to proceed with a little caution and will rest if need be. Also, we're having a little thing called a BABY! She should be arriving any day now--that's putting it mildly as my wife is the one who has to go thru the actual 'arrival/delivery' process.

I will keep you posted...

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