Monday, March 19, 2007

No Baby Yet

Well, the due date came and went--it was March 17 (St. Patty's Day). We guessed our little bundle of joy was going to arrive early, more like March 10-12. No reason for that guess, more like wishful thinking. All along, though, I did not want a St. Patrick's Day baby. No offense to the Irish (as I am 1/4 myself), but to have one's golden birthday on a holiday stereotypically celebrated with mass amounts of alcohol would not be the best thing going. So, I got what I wished for in that regard. One plus on the cycling side of things is that I completed one more week of training. However, I am so excited for our baby to come that I could have cared less about training this past week. Eventually she'll come and our world is going to change for the better! I feel so bad for Carin though. To have that date come and go and still be in that less-than-comfortable physical condition can not be too fun. She has been sooo good thru this pregnancy--seriously, she has not really complained about anything at all. No mood swings, no weird cravings, no odd requests... She has been perfect. Well, now we wait.

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