Monday, March 5, 2007

A Glimpse Inside a Hacks Training Room

Depends how you look at it-- it can look tight and cramped from some angles, but roomy and spacious from others. It's actually just about right. No I can't run laps in it, but it fits enough stuff to have a training room for the off-season and I feel lucky to have such a room. I ripped the shag carpeting out of it when we bought the house. No really, it was burgundy just-about-shag carpeting. Don't know what the room was used for, but I didn't want anything to do with that carpet--never know what was on it. By the way, it's rolled up and stored in our shed if you're interested. Like New.

You can see that I have state-of-the-art video & sound equipment. Yes, that is a TV/VCR combo with a headphone jack. I know, I'm lucky. If this were 1986, I'd be the talk of the town--if not the state. No, the TV didn't come with a permanant picture of Jack Bauer on it. See that fan? Again, lucky. That's the cooling system. There's usually another one in front of the bike I am riding at the time of this photo, but from that angle it blocks the VCR portion of the TV and would hurt the 'real feel' you are obviously experiencing right now. It's just like you're there, isn't it... ? Seriously though, the room is at about 52 degrees in the winter, and about 60 in the summer. Nice. About the show, Jack is most likely about ready to, first, yell at someone over his cell phone (that always has reception/service), then he's going to threaten to kill a double-crossing terrorist unless he gives up the location of a nuke. The terrioris will probably turn out to be his cousin who had something to do with killing the prez and his wife, and is in love with his boss. But then they will probably team up and end the show on a happy note.
Next, you can see the Spinner. That thing is awesome! It's about 8 years old (bought it in Feb of 2002 from Rochester Cycling & Fitness), but I think it was made a couple years prior to that. I have it rigged up with an old cyclocomputer so it shows speed (completely inaccurate), distance (rough estimate), and cadence (correctly). I've got a real saddle on it because it came with one of those crappy wide-a$$ things. Its not the same as a real road ride, it is nice to just hop on and go! No set up, no tires to inflate (or repair), and its just about maintenance free--so far. I usually put about 1000 miles on it from January thru the end of March, however, this year has been pretty slow on the training end of things. And actually, since the real road is just around the corner, I switched over to riding the real thing, on a trainer of course. You're looking at a sweet 2006 Salsa Campeon on a Kurt Kinetic trainer.
And finally, the weight set. It's no BowFlex, but it works. You can see that it is still set up for one-handed curls with a measley 135 lbs on it.
Hope you enjoyed your tour of the most hi-tec facility in SE MN. Unless you count every gym, YMCA, bike shop, junior high weight room, and the jungle-gym at most elementary schools. Don't be so critical.

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