Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Training Began

01/15/07: After a long time off from structured training, I started logging hours/time again on Jan 1--not because that is the first of the year, but because its the first Monday of the year. I think I was putting in about 2 hrs of exercise per week from Nov 1- Dec 31. Easy base training has now started and it continues to be easy, effort wise, but hard to fit in the time. I already blew off this mornings (Jan 15) weight lifting session, but will squeeze that in tomorrow morning as I have left open spots on my training calendar for a workout here and there... It may be that I was too tired to workout this morning because of yesterdays first longish indoor ride of the season (1.5 hours) combined with the LTHR we (Kolyn, Ton, Christi, Lisa, Julie, Frank, Joe P, Dan B, Jason, & Sean) did the day before. Throw some shoveling on there Sunday night and I think that did it. Keep up the training. Just because we are finally seeing the return of the white stuff doesn't mean that racing season is any further away!

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