Wednesday, February 7, 2007


02/05/07: Week one of Base 2 complete. The periods I have arranged my training into are shorter than I usually do, but my season is going to be short as well. I am not putting in nearly as much training time this year as last, but hopefully it will be enough to remain competitive in the early Spring races and the Tour of 10,000 Lakes over Memorial weekend. I am facing reality that the Tour of 10K may be something that I have to skip this year due to having a baby. Word is that that takes up a little more time than riding does : ) Anyway, I logged 8.5 hours for the week. This week its 9, then a lighter week (R&R) of about 5. Miles and Miles-- a fitting title for training, but also a new song. Some may remember what started the thumpin-techno-beat car commercial craze. Anyone...? I believe it was "Busy Child" by The Crystal Method in a Mitzubishi commercial in 98 or 99. The latest is "Miles and Miles" by Dee. Yet another cool tune debuted by a car commercial--this time for the Ford Edge. Its available for download at at the Edge site, but my system wouldn't load it. Luckily I found the tune at another site. Here's the Ford link:

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