Wednesday, February 7, 2007


02/01/07: After a rest & recovery week Jan 22-28, Base 2 has started. The intensity will increase just a little with some tempo paced z3 riding and maybe some very brief peaks at z4. Most, ok all, of my on the bike training will remain inside unless it gets over 50. If there is no snow on the ground and its clear and safe on the roads I'll brave actual cold temps. Or for a race, but other than that I will stick to the trainer/Spinner for my rides. Taping shows and having something to watch in the morning actually helps to get me on the bike. The 'Ox' is only about 10 weeks away. I'm 8 miles from the course--come on 50 degrees! When it warms up a little, I may try to organize a PCR preride. Ride On!

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